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Susan V Smith

What I Do
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Susan is an author, painter, and editor.

Here are summaries of what Susan has done within these areas

As a writer, Susan has had over 35 books for children and young adults published.

Standing out among them is "Changing Places," and the two series, "Samantha Slade, Monster Sitter," and "Best Friends." Currently out of print, these titles will be offered a chapter a week on this site.

Susan's paintings hang in a number of private collections; and have been shown in galleries in the Southwest.

She is still exploring many styles, but the one she is most interested is a blend of realism and surrealism, in which ordinary subjects (landscapes, horses, still lifes) arise out of or against dreamlike abstractions).

There is a quiet emotionalism about her paintings that draw the viewer in.

As an editor, Susan has managed and written for both print and online magazines. Her reputation in this field is one of integrity and high standards.

Susan works for Internet Business Systems.

She is Editor-in-Chief of AECCafe;

and is the Managing Editor of GISCafe.

Susan V Smith
138 Calle Don Jose * Santa Fe, NM * US * 87501-2363