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Susan V Smith

Technical Articles
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GISVision Magazine and AECVision Magazine Content

GISVision Magazine debuted in August, 2000. It ran as a monthly e-magazine for two years, with its final issue in September 2002. During that time, numerous changes occurred in the geographic information systems industry. The advent of location based services, new field solutions, web services and greater satellite imaging capabilities are just some of those advancements.


As Editor of this publication as well as AECVision, and the accompanying websites (GISCafe and AECCafe) I wrote numerous articles representative of my work in these fields.


I was able to provide links for the following issues but prior to May 2001, I seem to be unable to access entire issues. You may be able to access the previous issues button on some of the more current issues to access individual stories prior to May 2001.


GISVision Magazine

August 2002 Focus: GIS Field Solutions

July 2002 Focus: Satellite Remote Sensing

June 2002 Focus: GIS Training

May 2002 Focus: The State of GIS

April 2002 Focus: Mobile GIS

March 2002 Focus: Internet Mapping

February 2002 Focus: Photogrammetry

January 2002 Focus: The New Year Promises and Possibilities


December 2001 Focus: News and New Product Analysis


November 2001 Focus: On the Desktop


October 2001


September 2001:


August 2001


July 2001


June 2001


May 2001


August 2000 - Premier issue: Welcome to and GISVision Magazine



AECVision Magazine, a magazine designed for the architectural, engineering and construction industry, premiered in March of 2001, under Editor David Clendenen. I took over as Editor in August of  2001. Previously I was Editor of A/E/C SYSTEMS Magazine, which was known for their trade conferences of the same name.


The same problem is evident in this magazine as in GISVision prior to December 2001, I cant seem to access entire issues, but perhaps only individual articles.


July/August 2002 Focus: Visualization


May/June 2002 Focus: Transportation


March/April 2002 Focus: Project Management


January/February 2002 Focus: New Years Resolutions


December 2001 Focus: News and New Products a 2001 Overview


October 2001 4D CAD Goes Beyond Mere Representation


August 2001 Focus: Enterprise Solutions



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