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After your treatment, my kidney heat calmed down. This
                           was truly miraculous. I began to feel noticeably better today as well. Went to a real internist today, and he said the kidney
                           pain/heat was actually due to inflammation of my lower lung(s),
                           in the back. After your treatment, this did not flair up again. Ortho is much more powerful than I ever could've imagined,
                           and I thought it was powerful before this! I'm on the mend, so thank you again so much. My extreme fatigue and muscle soreness
                           has dissipated. What kept getting worse every day for three weeks straight immediately began to reverse and heal. I had walking
                           pneumonia and Ortho literally stopped it in its tracks and kickstarted the healing process immediately.  I just wanted to
                           thank you so much. You really performed a miracle.  - Leslie L. 

"After almost 2 weeks of constant discomfort and pain, I had an Ortho-Bionomy session yesterday with Susan Smith, and then had my best night's sleep since my wreck. Thank you thank you thank you Susan!" - Cindy Roper
"The clinic was an eye opening inspiration! And fun too. Ruella Yates and Susan Smith are superb teachers, and Noble McGinty is such a sweetheart!!" - Mike Hunter

"[In the clinic] Both equines and humans learned to overcome fear and step into trust and love." - Lisa Malone

"Corazon LOVED her session with Susan today, and all kinds of new "levels" showed themselves to us. And the licking and chewing went beyond anything I'd ever seen--it was more like mouth calisthenics! This was her fourth session; I think we're really getting in deep."  – Leta Worthington

"I really think, that Ortho-Bionomy is better [than acupuncture] in most cases, because after all with Ortho you can release all the points without any pain at all." --
Christine Bodenschatz Li , acupuncturist & Ortho-Bionomy practitioner, Hamburg, Germany

"I've had Susan do work on my horse. If I can learn only a little of what she knows at this clinic, it will be well worth it to me and Breeze." - Trish Hug, president Northern New Mexico Horseman's Association

“I felt great immediately- noticed changes when coming home - like I had a new/healthy neck.   Wow!  That was a big surprise for my neck.  My energy was way better – felt much straighter, sitting straighter, and my pelvis/sacrum pain was pretty much gone.  Arm was more functional with less pain. I felt straighter – not twisted; and, my posture felt way better.  I was feeling very positive like just doing everything and as if anything would soon be possible. I did not do everything and anything, but the positive feeling was there.  I found myself day-dreaming about riding again.   I slept great that night; however, by Sunday a.m., I felt some stiffness but still felt good.” – Elois Ewers


Photo courtesy of Primo Morales

"Floyd has been doing spectacularly. We spent 2 days up in Colorado playing with cows...then 2 days out at San Cristobal Ranch doing the ranch horse versatility some good scores..2nd in Ranch Riding ..tied for 3rd in Reined Cowhorse.

Lately we’ve been starting to do a lot of 2 tacking at all gaits and what a difference in our hind end communication. He’s really opening up back there...and offering some willingness. So thank you for working on him."

-          Sandy Benson



"I rode Tup a couple of times since you worked on him and wow!  I really noticed a difference! He seemed to move a little easier in his hind end when I rode him the next day." 

-- Shellie Follmer


“…  I was surprised at how much a personal Ortho session relaxed my own muscles…  It was such a gentle session …the results were real. A similar session with my horse helped him relax before a 50-mile competition … I know my horse and it made a difference.”

-Deirdre Monroe


"Susan has an amazing capacity to assess my horse's body health in both the micro and the macro senses … and observes the whole animal, what his job is and how he is being worked. A truly gifted bodyworker.”

-Terry Flanagan, dressage enthusiast



"Susan's Ortho-Bionomy treatments were most helpful when Sundaze Georgio injured his leg at an endurance event. He was a bit jumpy but Susan calmed him. She was patient and the treatments helped relieve the pressure in his leg."

- Sally Fish

"Susan's work on my neck was great.  It was really relaxed and felt a lot is much better today than before." -Lorraine Brody, owner Desert Wind Saddlery 

“Thank you for the therapy session yesterday.  I feel energized, the pain is still there but less severe.” -    DW

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