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Calendar of Events
Office: 1229 A St. Francis Office Park (Ancient Tides Wellness Center), St. Francis Drive, Santa Fe. Call for an appointment and/or directions. 505-983-2128
Ask about clinics to be announced for 2014
Gift certificates available in a wide range of styles

In the midst of chaos keep stillness inside of you...Deepak Chopra

Life: Sometimes you just have to hold on...


Stay tuned for clinic updates for 2014. Beginning in January, study groups will be offered.

7 - Ortho-Bionomy Santa Fe presents "Knees & Hip Joints" class 5-8:30 p.m.
  Contact or Christina Montes de Oca, for details.

4- 5 Horse & Rider Clinic presented by Zarna Carter,


26- 28 EPR 1 offered by Zarna Carter, at Mariposa Ranch, Santa Fe.


30 - Horses at Liberty Training Clinic presented by Susan Smith, at Arrowhead Ranch, Santa Fe. 10 a.m.-4:30 p.m.  Contact Susan at 505.983.2128 or 505.501.2478 susansmith@orthohorse.inf for more information.  




6-7 Carolyn Resnick Liberty Horsemanship Clinic, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma “Waterhole Rituals.” (private lessons 8-9). Spots available.

To register email Ruella Yates at For more information see Ruella’s website


26 “Trauma Across Universes,” talk offered by Lee Cartwright, Southwestern College, Santa Fe. To register, contact 471-5756


2-3 EPR II: Movement, Suspension and Reflexive Response
Introduction to Self Correction and the horse - Zarna Carter, Rancho Mariposa. 9 a.m.-5 p.m. contact

9 - Horses at Liberty Foundation Training Liberty Clinic, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. NNMHA Arena, contact Susan Smith or 501-2478 to register.

29- July 2 - Susan Smith in Oklahoma City area June 29-July 2 offering bodywork sessions. Because of the heat, equine sessions will be held in the mornings either at Spirit Horse Ranch or client ranches; the afternoons will be devoted to work with people and dogs indoors. Contact Susan Smith or Ruella Yates locally at 405-771-4274 for an appointment.

19 - Back by popular demand - Horse & Rider Clinic presented by Zarna Carter, International renowned Ortho-Bionomy & Equine Positional Release Instructor and Susan Smith, contact or phone - 505-983-2128

7 - Horses at Liberty Foundation Training Clinic & Demonstration of Liberty Rituals, presented by Susan Smith, advanced student of the Carolyn Resnick Method. NNMHA Horseman's Arena, 3233 Rodeo Road, Santa Fe. Contact 505.983-2128 or email for more information & enrollment form.
14-15 Fusion Horse & Rider clinic 2 days, Santa Fe, Zarna Carter, Instructor, For more information contact Mary Ann Menetrey 505.660.5815

28 – 6:30 p.m. Northern New Mexico Horseman’s Association Meeting Talk & Demo - "Care for the Horseback Rider" – Susan Smith, Advanced Ortho-Bionomy Practitioner. Talk about the kinds of challenges horseback riders have physically as a result of the physical lives they lead and working with 1,000 pound+ animals. The bulk of my people practice is comprised of horseback riders or people who work with equines in some capacity, so there are some common themes among us that we can all relate to in terms of pain/injury, etc. (ankles, shoulders, neck, spine, feet, fingers...) Most riders are pretty tough yet we can't keep doing what we're doing without help of some kind. My goal is to have everyone in the saddle who wants to be there -- without great expense and endless sessions.


12 - ACTHA Ride - San Acacia, contact Shelley Bachicha
Phone: (505) 793-5417

17-18 Desert Wind Endurance Ride

Michael S. Reid 915-252-8883 (

19 - ACHTA ride, Edgewood,
7-9, 14-16 -- Mark Rashid Clinic, hosted by Erica and Joost Hess-Lammers, 505-474-5480 

23- 29 Art Grunig, champion reiner & author of Reflex Balancing bodywork technique: in Santa Fe offering working with cows, private lessons, bodywork.  Contact Maryann Menetrey  660-5815
13- Free Demo Equine Ortho-Bionomy - BackCountry Horseman's Association, 6 p.m. held at Sheriff's Posse Bldg Area, Santa Fe Rodeo Grounds, Rodeo Rd.

Contact: Julie Bain or Susan Smith


4- Caja del Rio Endurance Ride 25/50 miles, Santa Fe.

Caja del Rio Endurance Ride


27 – 12 p.m. – 6 p.m. - Fundraiser To Benefit the family of Dixon's Apple Orchard - La Tienda at Eldorado - Santa Fe


Dixon Apple Orchard ride


6-7 EPR IV, Rancho Mariposa, Santa Fe, NM USA EPR Ortho website

6 – Valles Caldera Endurance Ride

Ride details



17 – EPR & Equine Ortho-Bionomy for Horse and Rider

Bodywork Tips for Horse and Rider....


EPR and Equine Ortho-Bionomy Clinic for Horse & Rider


Enhance your riding and your horse's performance with this class – A new 4-hour clinic format taught by Zarna Carter & Susan Smith for horse owners to learn Bodywork Tips for Horse and to do some bodywork on their own horses. Learn to work on your horse, experience Ortho-Bionomy on horseback and learn how to enhance your own posture. Some of the class may be done on horses, on horseback, or for people sitting or standing. 9-1 at the Horseman's Arena (Next to Rodeo Grounds). This is a bring-your-own-horse clinic - please call (Susan: 505-501-2479; Zarna: 352-219-5977) or email (; for more information. Space is limited. Fee $100

6       EPR Study Group, Lycia Adams Studio, 1027 Don Diego, Santa Fe, NM
7-8   Fusion for Horse and Rider, Rancho Mariposa, Santa Fe, NM USA
9-10 EPR Isometrics
New Class, Rancho Mariposa, Santa Fe, NM USA

EPR Ortho website

10-16 Fort Stanton Endurance Ride - Multiday Fort Stanton, NM


12-13 EPR II EPR Ortho website



2 – Veterinary & hauling clinic, Back Country Horsemen, Santa Fe Rodeo Grounds, 9 a.m. –12 noon email Julie at or call (505) 231-6373

14       EPR Demonstration, Rancho Mariposa, Santa Fe, NM USA
16-17  EPR/EO I, Rancho Mariposa, Santa Fe, NM USA
26 - Tack Swap - Desert Wind Saddlery 505-474-7795
To book email Zarna Carter: EPR Classes

27- Yard and Barn Sale - Casa de Brio (Helene Asmis & Patty Levi)
145 County Road 55A, Cerrillos, NM 505.474.6113;
1:00- 4:00 p.m.

12-13 Santa Fe Equestrian Center First Annual Horse Fair, 100 S. Polo Dr. Santa Fe. Many demonstrations such as vaulting, dressage, roping available. Susan Smith will be providing demonstrations of Equine Ortho-Bionomy. Call for information 505-983-2128 or if you want to bring a horse to receive work. For more about the event call 505-471-2285
Bodywork gift certificates are available for the holiday season, and throughout the year. Many styles available.
6-7   Zarna Carter -  EPR IV, Santa Fe. To book any of these classes, email Zarna Carter: EPR Classes
2-3 Zarna Carter - Phase Four: Essentials for Riders -- Santa Fe
20   Zarna Carter Study Group, Santa Fe
21-22  EPR/EO II, Santa Fe 
23-24  EPR III, Santa Fe
5- Caja del Rio Endurance Ride Santa Fe, NM. Bodywork by appointment - contact Susan Smith
11-12 Zarna Carter, Master EPR Instructor, will be in SF to teach
EPR/EO I - Equine Positional Release/Ortho-Bionomy.
I want to report that I'm doing well, and that I've begun to practice again.
On June 10th, I was bucked off a horse and suffered a pelvic fracture. I have since been either in hospital or in rehab, and have just returned home. It is now July 10th as I write this, and I plan to resume my practice in my office within the next couple of weeks, on a somewhat limited basis.
It will take a little longer for me to resume working with horses.
I want to thank all those wonderful folks who sent me cards, flowers, brought me food, gave me bodywork sessions, best wishes, sat with me in person or by phone, or email, during those tough weeks. I feel blessed that so many people cared. I especially want to thank my husband Michael who was always there for me for the whole wild ride.



2 – Veterinary & hauling clinic, Back Country Horsemen, Santa Fe Rodeo Grounds, 9 a.m. –12 noon email Julie at or call (505) 231-6373

May 26 - Santa Fe Fairgrounds Horseman's Arena, Northern New Mexico Horseman's Association (NNMHA) - 6 p.m  Equine Ortho-Bionomy demo. Please call ahead to schedule your horse. There will be time for two to three horses - 15-20 minute slots. 983-2128 Also see Northern New Mexico Horseman's Association (NNMHA).
April 3 - Demo with Zarna Carter, Master EPR Instructor, at Luna Rosa Stables, El Dorado

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Contact Susan at (505) 983-2128 or