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There are many ways of sharing territory

Liberty foundation work deepens as you work with it, and reaffirm themselves each day. Each day with horses enriches life, reveals more truths. Horses recognize the work even if no person has ever done them with them before. They recognize it as a song from the herd, something that nurtures them, perhaps in the herd they never had. A horse may turn and look at you in astonishment, as if to say, "oh you know that?" I love that look. It is the beginning of a special relationship.




Children can do Waterhole Rituals

"Our inner attitude is a decisive factor in our relationship with horses. Do we give them inner space instead of assaulting them with demands? Do we make room in our hearts for them? Or do we use them to satisfy our hunger for freedom as we unconcernedly live out our dreams on their back? He who wants to create space for horses despite his own constant human presence needs to first have freedom within himself. Freedom for horses begins in us. Instead of blocking their way, making them yield, driving and stopping them, instead of wanting to constantly and in every conceivable way manipulate them, we must open a 'feeling' place within ourselves for them. The airier and more boundless this inner space is the more joyful and winged the horses become in our presence." - Empowered Horses by Imke Spilker

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